Life Does Not Happen To You,
It Responds To You..
That’s The Secret Formula.

- Molly Evie, CEO

Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness Support for employees through office Yoga classes, and C-level 1-2-1 tuition.

Companies that invested in employee well-being have 50% less absence, increased productivity, a driving team cohesion, and a dramatic improvement to staff morale.

Bring harmony into the chronically stressed workplace. We have a proven system that works really well.

Private Tuition

Do you want to increase your wellbeing and personal health? Reduce stress, anxiety? Heal trauma & disease? Get fitter? Get a hold on your to-do lists? Spend more time happier, fulfilled, and content?

  1. Full body MOT testing
  2. Bespoke blueprints designed specifically for the individual to improve mentality, overall health, and reach targets.

ME. specialises in the wisdom of transformational Yoga Medicine.

Ready to transform?

Heal Me.

In need of some healing?

  • 1-2-1 Private Reiki Energy Healing
  • 1-2-1 Private Breath-work & Trauma Release
  • 1-2-1 Bespoke Injury Rehabilitation

Online Membership

Want Support with your personal practise? Get exclusive access to Molly’s premium Yoga course bundles, LIVE classes, tips, guided meditations, discounts, and exclusive blog posts.

Luxury Yoga Retreats

ME. Luxury Yoga Retreats offer the best of both worlds:

Top-quality Yoga classes with the best teachers and coaches from around the globe. No rules, no strict schedules, your time to unwind as you please.