All About ME.

“You Teach A Little By What You Say.
You Teach A Lot By What You Are
- Teachers Teach Behaviour”

- Molly Evie
I am so proud to be the Founder of ME. A Yoga & Wellness Company specialising in the wisdom of transformational Yoga Medicine. Its knowledge is accumulated from all over the world with teachers of only the highest level of education, and I’m bringing it home to you.

ME. Offers:

Corporate Wellness Support across the UK, for the employees through office yoga classes, and employers C-level 1-2-1 tuition.

ME.’s intention is to bring harmony into the chronically stressed workplace, and we have a proven system that works really well.

By investing in ME. you are investing in you. This is our promise.

Private Tuition

  1. Full MOT – Postural Assessment / Mental Assessment / Bespoke Blueprints that will carry you through life.
  2. Yoga Medicine & Meditation Coaching
  3. Stress & Anxiety Management Coaching
  4. Injury Rehabilitation


  1. Private 1-2-1 Breath-work sessions + Distant healing
  2. Private 1-2-1 Reiki Energy Healing sessions + Distant healing

Yoga is learning to get better at this thing we call life by rewiring the chemical structure of our brains to react rationally to stress stimuli instead of being maladaptive.

Yoga is the healthier, more natural and less expensive way to produce these ‘feel good’ chemicals and make them last. It’s no temporary fix.

You’ve heard of the domino effect – By Investing in ME. You are investing in you, and by investing in you, you’re investing in your family, your business, the world.

Why Me.

ME. is a collective of the highest credited teachers globally, brought to you.

We know what we are doing. We care. We show up.

You can trust us.