Hi, I’m Molly!

As a teacher, I only have three things to teach.
Meditate, exercise the mind-body, live simply
- these three daily routines will go a long way.

- Molly Evie, CEO

My mother once told me the most beautiful story about a little girl which I have never forgot.

It was her first day of school, she was 5 years old, and she was very nervous. Dressed in a bright red blazer, bright red knee-high socks with the biggest slightly nervous smile planted on her innocent little face.

“Have fun darling” her parents said as they kissed her on the forehead and apprehensively and slowly waved goodbye.

Later that afternoon they picked her up. The teacher approached her parents “How has she been?”

“She has got on really well, she is very confident, however, there is one thing which I do wish to mention… she treats school a little like a coffee morning… before sitting down, one-by-one she individually introduced herself to each class mate, asking them if they were okay and to not be scared, they were all together. I fear her consideration for others may lead to become a distraction”.

My mother told me this story with tears in her eyes. “You see darling, don’t you understand?”

“Despite the little girls own fear, she decided to use it to empower others and in doing this she empowered herself. The teacher failed to see the one key component in all of this – people will always forget what you said, what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel… and this little girl, she recognised this. It was her superpower.”

This little girl was me.

My Journey

Growing up I travelled extensively with my parents, which fuelled my burning passion for nature, culture, and worldly experiences. I played Hockey & Netball for the county and had the privilege of travelling world-wide on tour with them. I’ve always been into sports, arts, creative language, and connecting.

I was introduced to Yoga at the age of 11, however, it wasn’t until 2016 that my transformational journey began. In 2017, I had a Kundalini Awakening in Goa, India… The next 2 years were spent learning to master energy & ‘adjust’, it was no easy ride. I travelled extensively across the globe undertaking education and working exclusively with the best teachers and coaches in Breath-work | Yoga | Meditation | Reiki. I moved to Bali, Indonesia in 2019 as I became a Lead trainer in educating others to become Yoga teachers, and at the end of 2019, I returned to the UK and established my company ME.

Wellness is a process, a constant choice, an adventure, and through commitment and dedication I made it my life’s work to educate and self-study so I could find equilibrium. Yoga helped me move my body with intelligence and pleasure, whilst uncovering my most authentic self. It was then, that my life’s work became delivering my exceptional discoveries with others. I live by the saying, “Do not teach anything you have not experienced”. Yoga, to me, is truly learning to awaken, whilst having nothing but FUN at this thing we call life.

Yoga With Me

Practise with me online click here to see my schedule.

As a Yoga teacher for Lululemon, I also hold community classes/workshops in and around the Midlands area and in London. All classes can be booked via Eventbrite.


Jan - Mar 2020
Reiki Master – Lotus Energy Healing – Oxfordshire, England
Apr - Oct 2019
Lead Trainer Zuna Yoga Ltd – Bali, Indonesia
Apr 2019
300 YTT Zuna Yoga Ltd – Bali, Indonesia
Oct 2018
300 Meditation YTT – Zuna Yoga Ltd - Bali, Indonesia
Sep 2018
SUP Yoga YTT – Zuna Yoga Ltd – Bali, Indonesia
Jul 2018
Tula Massage - Conscious Touch Massage – Evangeline Di Michele - UK
Jun 2018
Hotpod Hot Yoga Training, Brixton, London (Recap)
May - Jul 2018
Masters - Inspirational Breathwork Practitioners Degree – Inspirational Healing – Brighton, UK
May 2018
Foundation – Inspirational Breathwork Degree – Inspirational Healing – Brighton
Nov 2017
Shavasana Head Massage - Goa, India
Nov 2017
Inspirational Healing Breath Workshop - Goa, India
Nov 2017
30 YTT – Zuna Yoga Ltd - Goa, India
Mar 2017
Hotpod Hot Yoga Training - Brixton, London
Nov 2016
200 YTT - Zuna Yoga Ltd – Bali, Indonesia
2015 - 2016
200 YTT - Inner School Of Healing -The Midlands

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